Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peppers and Prevarication

Following a night of thunderous rain and lightning today was cool
and cloudy. We weeded the pepper beds and made some drains.
Later, we picked dwarf beans from over 'the other side'.
Blogging has been neglected and I am unsure as to continue, but
it is such a useful record and I regret the long absences.
We will see.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

His 'n Hers

 After all the weeding
and moling that was
done yesterday it was
with great delight that
I set too this morning
and applied lots of this.
Lovely manure supplied
by our lovely rabbits.

The 'icing on the cake'
so to speak!

See, they look happier
now let's pop across
and see
what T is up to.

Ah, there he is.
Yes, we do work
together but on
separate pieces of
land, just a stone's
throw away from
each other but we find
it's better this way.
Here is where all the
really hard work takes
place while I play over
on the other side, between
us lies a triangular parcel
of land that belongs to
someone else so we all
know our boudaries.

Great, he has a good supply of
dry straw to mulch with when
the really dry season kicks in
and there are beds ready
to be forked high above
the river, wonder if I

zoom in
Back to my side now
and a sign that T made
for the goat man...
very polite under
the circumstances.

Refreshments are
readily available
when T comes to
join me in the shed
where he might find
me staring at the ants.
They are there really,
look closely and you will
see some moving from
right to left just a little
more than half way up.

These are black ants, the wood ants are in their covered
highway which is the vertical line on the right.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weeding between showers

Shelter from welcome rainshowers
requires a quick dash to the 'shed'
which basically consists of some
sheets of 'Ivanise' propped up
between two nutmeg trees and an
old, large, not too well, golden
apple tree. Prolongued showers
afford an opportunity to read,
draw, chat, snooze, gaze or study
the lifestyle of the wood ant.

Blessings passed, return to weed
beds of lemon basil. Observe
how much more effort is required
when moving around in mud boots.
Parsley is discovered having
survived being overtaken by Job's
Tears and that really nasty plant
that hides and then rips your
hands to shreds when you least
expect it.

Rocket remains hopeful that T will
find a market and that we don't eat

and the piece of red stem Ceylon
spinach that 'Reds' gave us is doing
very well.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Of Carrot beds, Nutmegs and Bixa

Got underway with the
carrot beds this morning.
Earth was nice and soft
after all the rain these
last few weeks and broke
up easily with the cutlass.

T noticing the 'nutmeg tree
that never bares' is.

On returning home
remembered to pick
mature Bixa seed pods
for natural pigments

Friday, December 7, 2012


Just a quick update as am really tired and having
problems with uploading photographs.
Today I reached the garden about 8 a.m. despite
my best efforts to get there earlier, weeded and
'thingd' the parsley beds and cutlassed the edges.
All looked happy for the few showers we enjoyed
last night and it was quite cool like it is at this time
of year so possibly a dew. Set too on a newly forked
bed and broke up the heavy clay clods with the
cutlass and planted the sprouting garlic cloves, we
will wait and see how they do. Have searched
online for a good, down to earth! 'how to' website
re tropical organic gardening and found some
interesting information here with regard to the garlic.
However, that was on my return and I chose to make
shallow holes and rest the bulb with just sufficient
soil to cover the roots and see how they do before
moling. Also cutlassed under the nutmeg tree in
an effort to make nut collecting easier, later on will
have a look at T's grandfather's diary from the 1980's,
to see what they were doing at this time of year.
Whilst cutlassing, found the monsoon lily bulb and
relocated it, again.
Back sore, shoulders stiff and nose sun kissed.
It's very hot and dry today, also very happy.